Linking Mathematics with Education for Sustainable Development: Plastic water bottles turned into numbered bowling pins.

Linking Mathematics with Education for Sustainable Development: Plastic water bottles turned into numbered bowling pins.

Parents and educators at Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A Kindergarten Annexe Plastic water bottles turned into numbered bowling pins Parents' helphave created a mathematics outdoor exploration area using recycled materials as part of a project during European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) 2017 that linked Mathematics and Education for Sustainable Development.

The project was a follow-up of the award-winning project ‘Creating Maths Resources from Packaging Waste’ conducted during last year’s EWWR in collaboration with Wasteserv. Encouraged by the success of the project, educators raised the bar by seeking to develop a Maths outdoor area in the school grounds.

Together with the Maths Support teacher they planned outdoor Maths activities, designed a Maths garden shed and developed a Maths teaching ideas handbook. In addition, professional development sessions were organised to empower school staff to extend the boundaries of their classrooms.

Circulars about the project were sent to over 400 parents forming part of the Mosta Kindergarten Annexe community. Parents who volunteered to work on the project joined forces with workmen from the Education Directorate for five days dissambling recycled pellets to reuse the wood to construct the Maths garden shed. Other parents embellished the school’s garden with recycled learning resources to create Ġnien Naqra Qatra.

Some of the parent volunteers working with teachers to create recycled learning resources for the children.

Some of the parent volunteers working with teachers to create recycled learning resources for the children.

Mathematics in the early years should be a fun and exciting time where children can explore, actively learn and critically think. The outdoor space created by the project is aimed at stimulating the pupils’ exploration of early mathematical concepts. The pupils are now making use of natural resources and experiencing the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development. Out-of-the-classroom learn­ing facilitates an authentic and experiential educational process.

The project was also used to promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and encourage waste management by developing these ideas in line with this year’s EWWR theme – ‘All it needs is a fresh new look! Giving a second life to products’. The aim was to reach out to educators, children and parents alike, and explore how waste can be re-used to create things we use on a day-to-day basis. Thus plastic water bottles became numbered bowling pins, egg cartons turned into numbered target boards and old cloth hangers improvised as weighing balances.

One of the participating parents, Maria Grech, commented that “the kids love it when they see us parents busy at school, working with their teachers to create useful stuff for them. It was lovely witnessing our kids’ faces light up as they caught up with us working in their garden”.

“Apart from the Maths resources and spaces developed, the educational impact includes the cultivation of a school-home partnership that can really benefit the child’s development. Reaching out to the community alongside the parents’ positive response maximised the environmental awareness created.”

“Our school is managing to create a necessary, vital link between the school’s administration, teachers, learning support assistants and us as parents. We all have one aim at heart: our children’s well-being as they develop and learn in a protected, serene and loving environment.”

Cynthia Genovese, another parent who took an active part in the project, said: “Taking an active part in this project has taught me that the little we do to reuse and recycle can make such a huge difference in the long run. I am already saving my used cracker tins for next year’s project. It’s not only about my kids anymore… I can’t wait to experience it once again.”


L-inizjattiva magħrufa bħala Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti ilha tiġi organizzata mid- Dipartiment tal-Kummerċ mill-2010. Dan il-Premju jippremja erba’ sotto kategoriji kif jidher hawn taħt:

Kategorija 1: Hija miftuha għal prodotti artiġjanali li jkunu aġġudikati skont il-livell ta’ innovazzjoni u kreattivita’ tagħhom.

Kategorija 2: Inizjativi Artiġjanali

Kategorija 3: Premju għall-Inklussivita’ u l-Integrazzjoni

Kategorija 4: Rikonoxximent għall-Ħidma fl-Artigjanat

Bħala Skola aħna ġejna ppremjati kategorija 3: Premju għall-Inkussivita’ u l-Integrazzjoni wara li ikkompetejna b’suċċess ma’ entitajiet oħra fill-qasam ta’ l-Artiġjanat u L-Integrazzani.

F’din il-kompetizzjoni Entitajiet Publici u Privati kellhom  l-opportunita’ jippreżentaw DSC_4654inizzjattiva’ li toħloq prodott f’ambjent Inklussiv u li jippromovi l-Integrazzjoni ta’ persuni vulnerabli. F’din is-sotto kategorija ppreżentajna inizzjattiva ta’ prodotti Artigjanali relatati ma’ t-tigijiet. Preżentament din l-inizzjattiva’ saret parti ntegrali mill-programm edukattiv ta’ l-istudenti taghna li qiegħda ssaħħah il-ħilliet li tant għandhom bżonn fis-suq tax-xogħol.

Ġejna ppremjati b’dan il-premju mhux biss għax qegħdin nipproduċu prodotti artiġjanali ta’ kwalita’ iżda wkoll għax qegħdin nipproduchom b’mod sostenibli. L-akbar sodisfazzjon li tana’ dan il-premju huwa bla dubju l-fatt li dak li qegħdin jipproduċu l-istudenti tagħna jirrifletti l-ħilliet li għalkemm huma differenti, huma kbar u apprezzati mhux biss mill-qraba u aħna li naħdmu magħhom izda anka fuq skala Nazzjonali bħal ma’ jixgħed dan il-premju. L-aħħar u mhux l-anqas, Premju bħal dan iġiegħel lillna bħala edukaturi napprezzaw aktar il-ħidma tagħna ma l-istudenti biex inkomplu ntejbulhom il-kwalita’ tal-ħajja tagħhom.



Mosta Primary A – A Book Launch – Id-dentatura tan-nanna

On Thursday, 1st February we hosted the launching of a new children’s book ‘Id-dentatura tan-nanna’. The authors of this book, Natalie Portelli and Dr. Alexander Schembri spoke to our students about the book and the importance of taking care of our teeth. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, the College Principal and the Parliamentary Secretary for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing were also present.  During his speech, Dr Bartolo said that the country is facing the problem of great amount of children under four years with teeth problems. Well done to our Year 3 students for their impeccable behaviour and performance during this activity. You made us so proud!


Some talented students have been spending their break-time creating a crib.  These are very creative students…… these are the same students who set up the flagpole!  We should spend time with these energetic students to help them direct their creativity rather than mute it for them…. the magicians are all around us!  Wishing you all the best because Christmas should come every day not only on the 25th of December!

Studenti mimlija talent qattgħu l-ħin tal-brejk tagħhom jagħmlu l-presepju. Studenti kreattivi ħafna… Dawn huma l-istess studenti li ftit ilu għamlu l-arblu bil-bandiera! Dawn l-istudenti mimlija enerġija u flok ngħidu le tajjeb li nieħdu paċenzja u nqattgħu ftit ħin magħhom: il-kreattivita’ rridu nħalluha tikber u mhux noqtluhielhom… Il-maġi jinsabu fit-triq! Awguri għax il-Milied għandu jkun kuljum u mhux fil-25 ta’ Diċembru biss!


Pink October month at Maria Regina College

The schools of the Maria Regina College turned pink during the month of October to show support and raise awareness about breast cancer. Various activities from bake sales to raise funds for cancer organisations to speeches by cancer survivors took place in the schools forming part of the college. Both staff and children throughout the college participated actively. The Pink October activities were carried out in aid of Pink October and the Hospice Movement.

Dun Manwel Attard Resource Centre:

Mosta Primary A:


The College’s annual Holy Mass

The annual Holy Mass to mark the beginning of a new scholastic year, was organized on Monday 9th October.  This was held at the Mosta Rotunda Church and representatives from all schools which form part of the College, attended.  All year 9 students attended.

Both and College Principal and the Mosta Archpriest emphasized the importance of unity between students and teachers within the College.  The Archpriest also said that students should always seek the truth and should not get carried away by the current.


Nhar it-Tnejn 9 t’Ottubru giet organizzata l-Quddiesa annwali li tfakkar il bidu ta’ sena skolastika ġdida fil-Kulleġġ tagħna. Din saret fir-Rotunda tal-Mosta u ghaliha attendew rappreżentanti mill-iskejjel kollha tal-Kulleġġ. L-iskola tagħna kienet irrappreżentata mill-istudenti tad-9 sena.

Kemm il-Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ u kemm l-Arċipriet tal-Mosta enfasizzaw il-bżonn tal-għaqda bejn l-istudenti u l-għalliema tal-Kulleġġ. L-Arċipriet enfasizza wkoll il-punt li l-istudenti għandhom ifittxu dejjem il-verita` u ma jinġarrux mill-kurrent.

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