The College’s annual Holy Mass

The annual Holy Mass to mark the beginning of a new scholastic year, was organized on Monday 9th October.  This was held at the Mosta Rotunda Church and representatives from all schools which form part of the College, attended.  All year 9 students attended.

Both and College Principal and the Mosta Archpriest emphasized the importance of unity between students and teachers within the College.  The Archpriest also said that students should always seek the truth and should not get carried away by the current.


Nhar it-Tnejn 9 t’Ottubru giet organizzata l-Quddiesa annwali li tfakkar il bidu ta’ sena skolastika ġdida fil-Kulleġġ tagħna. Din saret fir-Rotunda tal-Mosta u ghaliha attendew rappreżentanti mill-iskejjel kollha tal-Kulleġġ. L-iskola tagħna kienet irrappreżentata mill-istudenti tad-9 sena.

Kemm il-Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ u kemm l-Arċipriet tal-Mosta enfasizzaw il-bżonn tal-għaqda bejn l-istudenti u l-għalliema tal-Kulleġġ. L-Arċipriet enfasizza wkoll il-punt li l-istudenti għandhom ifittxu dejjem il-verita` u ma jinġarrux mill-kurrent.

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Pink October activity inaugurated at Maria Regina College

The twelve schools of the Maria Regina College will turn pink during the month of October to show support and raise awareness about breast cancer. Various activities from bake sales to raise funds for cancer organisations, to speeches by cancer survivors, will take place in the schools forming part of the college. The Pink October activities were inaugurated this morning at the Office of the College Principal with a Pink Day and a fund raising activity in Aid of Pink October Malta.




29th September, 2017

Dear Maria Regina College parents,

Hope you are doing fine. Many of you feel that their sons’ and daughters’ school bags are heavy.

We would like to discuss with you about this. Therefore Maria Regina College is organising a meeting for parents with Mr Ray Camilleri from the Directorate for Educational Services. He will be able to meet you at Maria Regina College Secondary School, Mosta  (Zokrija) on TUESDAY 10TH OCTOBER 2017 at 6pm (18hrs).

Hope to see you there.

Patrick Decelis

College Principal


29 Ta’ Settembru, 2017

Għeżież ġenituri tal-Kulleġġ Maria Reġina,

Nispera li tinsabu tajbin. Ħafna minnkom iħossu li l-basktijiet tal-iskola tat-tifel jew tifla tagħkom huma tqal ħafna.

Aħna nixtiequ niddiskutu dan is-suġġett magħkom. Għalhekk il-Kulleġġ Maria Regina ser jorganizza laqgħa għalikom il-ġenituri mas-Sur Mr Ray Camilleri mid-Direttorat għas-Servizzi Edukattivi. Huwa ser jiltaqa’ magħkom fil-Kulleġġ Maria Regina Skola Sekondarja, Mosta (Żokrija) nhar it-TLIETA 10 TA’ OTTUBRU 2017 fis-6.00 ta’ filgħaxija (18.00).

Nispera li narakom.

Patrick Decelis

Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ

Maria Regina College

College Principal Patrick Decelis B.Ed. (Hons), M.Sc. Educ. Lead. (Leic.)

Address Administration Centre, Triq l-Inkurunazzjoni, Mosta

Tel 2598 6508 / 2598 6509      E-mail



Curious gadgets, fun games and optical illusions formed part of the Maria Regina College Administration Centre and Psychosocial Team’s, team-building activity organized by the College Principal, Mr Patrick Decelis and Trainee Career Guidance practitioner Anthea Vella, at Esplora, Kalkara. After exploring the various hands-on challenges, the Esplora management organized, ScienceQuest, which encouraged us to work as a team and try to understand the correct results. This was followed by a snack in the cafeteria with the most amazing of views!



Samira Axiaq and Jessica Schembri from Maria Regina College, Mosta Secondary, feel so grateful and proud that an article which they wrote a few months back and entered the Young Reporters for the Environment, placed second internationally.  These two students were absolutely over the moon with such an achievement! This could not have been possible without all the people who have always showed constant support. A big thank you goes to Eng. Marco Cremona for helping them during the GEO-INF project and to HSBC’s Catch the Drop Campaign manager Glenn Bugeja for helping them financially in this project. Thank you to their headmistress Ms Gatt for always showing them support and encouragement. Last but not least, we would like to thank Ms Vella Ciangura, Ms M. Cassar and Mr Vella and the Eko-Skola team for always supporting and motivating them. Thanks to other people involved as they were very important during their educational journey.  Another milestone achieved! 


3-day course for MRC Heads

After a three day course organised by Maria Regina College Centre for Continuous Professional Development, held throughout Scholastic Year 2016/7 at the Hilltop Gardens in Naxxar, Dr Frank Fabri, Director General for Curriculum, Research, Innovation and Lifelong Learning presented the certificates to the participants. The course was organised by College Principal Mr Patrick Decelis and facilitated by Mr Kelly McSherry, Business Coach.  It revolved round the theme: Dynamic Professional Leadership and delved into the sharing of good practices, tackling challenging situations and giving feedback.


On Friday 28th April 2017, the Dun Manwel Attard YAE Resource Centre in Wardija together with the help of PE teacher Mr.Edmund Mifsud and Maths support teacher Ms.Josephine-Ann Borg, organized the OlyMaths 2017 event. This Olympic themed event linked both PE and Numeracy together. The students took part in four different sport disciplines while they recorded their own achievement. The four disciplines consisted of a 60m sprint, 1 minute run, bowling and Javelin ball throw. Also, the students took part in an Olympic themed quiz. At the end of the event, the students were rewarded with a certificate which displayed their own achievement. It was a truly great, active day for all students and staff!


The Athletic Project has been running throughout this scholastic year on National basis. During Phase 1 all  State schools Year 4 students have practising in 4 different athletic disciplines; a 60m Sprint, a 600m Long-Run, a Standing Broad Jump and a Throw. The group of Peripatetic PE Teachers at MRC have been working hard with their respective students and all students have been presented with a vibrant certificate indicating the personal best achievement in all four mentioned disciplines. During Phase 2 selected students from each school met for the ATQuadkids Intra-College Meet-up event that was held on Friday 20th January 2017.

On the 21st April, 125 qualifying finalists deriving from the 10 State Colleges in Malta & Gozo met at the Matthew Micallef St. John Athletic Stadium in Marsa for the 1st Edition of the ATQuadKids Finals. Our College has been represented by the following students who have been working very hard with their respective school teachers to improve their development in their field:


Luca Bezzina (Naxxar), Antonio Overend (Gharghur), Casey Crawley (SPB) & Rebecca Cutajar (Mellieha) in the 60mtr Flat Sprint.

Zak Aquilina (Mosta), Max Styles (SPB), Danica Conti (Mellieha) & Pheeby Portelli (Mellieha) in the 600mtr Long-run.

SJ Sammut (Gharghur), Nicholas Facciol (Naxxar) & Kristina Vella (Mellieha) in the 800g Javelin Training Ball

Illian Grima (Mellieha), Jacob Chemlouol (Naxxar) & Maria Mifsud (Gharghur) in the Standing Broad Jump.

Following a number of hot and sunny summer-like days we woke up to embrace a general cloudy overcast with the possibility of some showers! Following the initial mass-movement ice-breaker led by Ms. Analisa the adrenalin shot-up quickly the programme hit the road. Every student gave the maximum efforts on individual basis and also as a College-Team. The main key behind the Athletic Project has been to shift from the regular mass-participation in physical activity to a healthy competition. This gives our young talented and promising students the necessary cling to achieve their maximum abilities like warriors. In addition these young pioneers serve as role models to encourage their class colleagues to keep on working harder through their tasks and develop their personal healthy lifestyles through regular physical activity and regular healthy eating habits.

The following are the placements achieved by the MRC students:

Luca Bezzina, 1st Place in the 60mtr Flat Sprint – Boys,

Pheeby Portelli, 1st Place in the 600mtr Long-run – Girls,

SJ Sammut, 3rd Place in the Throw – Boys,

Kristina Vella 1st Place in the Throw – Girls,

Jacob Chemloul, 1st Place in the Jump – Boys and

Illian Grima 2nd Place in the Jump Boys.

Collectively our College-Team collected 24 points placing 1st to engrave the College name on the College Shield which will be enjoyed by our respective schools during the next scholastic year.

An appreciation goes to all Year 4 Class Teachers, SMT Members, the College Principal and Parents alike for their support whenever required. Mostly, a round of applause goes to the MRC PE Peripatetic Teachers, Ms. Yanika, Mr. Miguel, Mr. David, Mr. Kyle, Mr. Dario & Mr. Edmund for their regular assistance and even beyond with their holistic and broad performance throughout…WELL DONE!

“We are not seeking Champions. We want to support the development of talented Young Athletes to challenge their hurdle using maximum efforts like warriors”

Mr. Edmund Mifsud

MRC PE Teacher














For the second consecutive year, Maria Regina College organised its COLLEGEFEST on Thursday 4th May 2017.  All schools forming part of this college, hailing from  Mosta, Naxxar, Għargħur, Mellieħa and St Paul’s Bay sent their representatives to MRC Naxxar Middle School for a whole morning of activities revolving round the theme RESPECT. The activity had a concert style presentation at its beginning and end, giving the opportunity for all schools to present their talents. Then there were four stations where children spent half an hour in each, engaging in various activities like drama, dance, singing, drawing, physical exercise, science activities, robotics, Zumba amongst others. At noon everyone was invited to gather in the school pitch to form a human rainbow – in fact all children wore various colours of the rainbow.  Peter Paul of Tribali was present as well and conducted the students to perform music with him using handmade recyclable bongos and shakers. All MRC College schools contributed by giving a donation to Dr Klown and an MSSP missionary fund Project, represented by Peter Paul. The Principal of the College, Mr Patrick Decelis said that once again this activity was a huge success and seeing all the children having fun on such a beautiful day was a great satisfaction, apart from the fact that Collegefest is a true exercise in networking. The Hon Minister of Education, Mr Evarist Bartolo who was present, expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude on seeing all the students’ and teachers’ efforts for this Collegefest.