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“Maria Regina College (MRC) strives to give the best service possible to all its stakeholders, mainly  to each student who attends one of the eleven schools / centres.  As professed in its Vision statement, MRC aims at a synergy which acts through networking and sharing of good practices. Collaboration is a key word and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of all its staff should lead to a better service so that all students achieve their personal best.   All the college staff and students aim to be Creative, Innovative and Professional in the way they act” says Mr Patrick Decelis, the Head College Network.

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Maria Regina College aims to provide quality education for all students so  that they achieve the best they can. This is done through continuous professional development(CPD), leading to updating of pedagogical tools, creating new practices to improve teaching and consequently learning.

Distributed leadership  empowers all staff to participate actively in the process.  Through a classroom-perceiving perspective, all  School Management Team (SMT) members  lead  by co-ordinating and facilitating. Teachers and LSAs are encouraged to embark on a classroom-exceeding perspective to offer all students a truely holistic education with various varied activities. Students are to be part of this type of leadership through democracy education  and practices.

All MRC schools should offer all four pillars of Education as professed by UNESCO: Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to be, Learning to live together!  Parents and guardians are to be an integral part of this education since they are to work hand in hand with the school for a comprehensive effort to provide the best education possible.

The college co-ordinates also support services through the psycho-social team and the curricular team.


About Us

Maria Regina College is a college with great potential. This is so because the College has faith in its students, parents and staff. Hence, it has faith in itself. Why? The answer is very simple. Being positive about oneself is a sure road to success. Losing faith in face of challenges is not on board.

Our sole focus is to be Creative, Innovative and Professional in anything that is put on the agenda. It is an established practice of ours to embrace constant self-evaluation because we believe that it is only through such a practice that we can move forward and be of sterling service to the students and the community we serve.

Maria Regina College comprises nine schools, the majority of which are housed at the northern part of the island. The College network is made up of two Secondary Schools, six Primary Schools and one Adult Resource Centre.

Through a clear vision the College is to act as a sufficient driver for its schools to come together, to walk together and to work collaboratively, thus promoting educator-to-educator learning.

A set of eight aims also portray a very active and proactive College where the child is always at the centre of all activity.

Vision of Maria Regina College
The vision of Maria Regina College is to act as a sufficient driver for its schools to come together, to walk together and to work collaboratively, thus promoting educator-to-educator learning.
In such a manner it invests in educators who ultimately share the practice to improve student development and standards.
Our College regards students as leaders and contributors to the improvement of learning and teaching.
It also intends to challenge students’ learning capabilities to promote independent learning.
Aims of Maria Regina College

Provide a QUALITY EDUCATION for our children to achieve excellence to the best of their ability.

Put the LEARNER AT THE HEART of the educational system.
Create NEW PRACTICES to improve teaching and learning and promote the sharing of GOOD PRACTICE.
Provide EXCELLENT LEADERSHIP OF QUALITY through a distributed leadership approach.
Be a true PARTNERSHIP shared equally among the schools which creates widespread and purposeful COLLABORATION and NETWORKING.
Build BRIDGES with ALL stakeholders and the community