Early Intervention Kindergarten Workshop

On the 24th October the Early Intervention Team at our College carried out a workshop for Kinder parents at Gharghur Primary.

 First they did  a 30 minute presentation where they spoke about the service they offer in general followed by activities parents can do with their children on everyday basis enhancing all areas of development. Then different sections were prepared so that parents have hands on activities with the different resources on display.

 Section 1: Gross and Fine motor Development

 Parents were shown different materials such as the parachute and suggested that they could easily do the activities using a bed sheet. We also explained the importance of playing with the children and helping them achieve skills such as throwing to a target, catching ball, creeping under a tunnel, jumping and so on. Then we went through the fine motor section and the parents had the time to experience making their own play dough from ingredients easily found in every household. They had also the opportunity to feel different textures such as kinetic sand, therapeutic putty and they were given ideas of how to play with their children using resources that they can find at their homes such as magazines, kitchen roll holders, plastic bottle taps and so on.

 Section 2: Social, Communication and Language Development

 This section included a lot of resources which can be made easily at home such as going shopping for example using real food items. Separating dirty vs clean clothes and hanging clean ones on a line to dry. We also encouraged parents to let the children make mistakes and help them find solutions for their mistakes rather than correcting them and just arranging their mistakes for example they were asked what happens if the nose is put on the forehead of Mr. Potato rather than were we normally put it. Parents immediately answered that they’ll say that’s not right arrange it whereas we can say oh how funny does mummy have her nose on her forehead and such practical examples which we come up with on everyday basis with our children

 Section 3: Cognitive, Literacy and Numeracy Development

 This section included books, numbers, letters and shapes. Emphasis was made to have fun with their children and not just present them with workbooks. We gave them ideas on how to build their own resources and make learning fun. For example use marsh mellows and pretzel sticks to do shapes, use racing cars to learn the printed name and post boxes to sort different colours and shapes. We also explained the importance of sharing books which are age appropriate to the child and to make own stories and books from the children’s experiences.

 Parents were given print outs with different activities from the different sections presented to keep as reference and give ideas on what they can use with their children. After the parent’s workshop the KGEs and LSEs working in Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 also had the opportunity to come and have a look at the different sections and the resources and activities presented.

A great initiative indeed, we all believe that such workshops provide skills and helps in empowering our parents.