Virtual orientation visit for all Yr 6 students

On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th June, Maria Regina College organised a virtual Middle School Orientation Visit for all Year 6 students coming from all Primary schools in the College.

On these days we had 2 sessions daily, as we had to split the cohort into four groups of more than a hundred students for each session. Through the use of Microsoft TEAMS students were welcomed by a very short speech by Mr Decelis, HCN and Ms Cilia, the Head of School at MRC Middle School. The guidance team prepared a virtual tour video for the students to see what the school can offer including the various blocks, offices, hall, indoor and outdoor sport premises. All guidance teachers were introduced during the video and they gave important tips to students. The programme included also two emoji Polls, a quiz based on the video about the school and another video about the College, a video about how to make Smart Choices and a discussion afterwards. Students were asked to write their wish for next scholastic year in a padlet activity. All these wishes will later be displayed at MRC Naxxar Middle School as from the first day of next Scholastic Year. Finally we had a question and answer session. All Questions and Answers will be compiled in a document and sent to all Yr 6 students. At the end of the session, all participating students joined in a Karaoke session to Stronger Together, the song inaugurated during the Covid Period which originated by MRC Naxxar Middle School.

Watch Middle school video tour by clicking on the link below